A New Year

Well, friends, another year has come and gone, filled with challenges and triumphs, but this new year is a starting off to be an unusually challenging one.  My amazing Mother, Paula, was diagnosed with stomach cancer over the holidays.  Just as the first Sacred Waterfalls books arrived, she went to the doctor for indigestion and ended up spending 10 days in the hospital. She saw her first official copy while getting her stomach pumped. Not fun. She is hanging tough though, and healing bit by bit every day.  She has decided that she will beat the cancer, so I expect she will.

Thinking back over the last couple of weeks, I realize that you can’t take one minute for granted in this life.  Every moment is precious, especially the ones you share with loved ones.  One day you’re celebrating a finished book, which seems like the most important thing in the world, and the next you’re remembering what is actually the most important thing in the world… your family, and the love you share.

This image is of yesterday’s sunrise at Pt Dume.  It is one of the first beaches my parents ever took me to.  I dedicate this one to Mom.


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