Michael Jason Williams“Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to consider how my artwork may compliment your living or work space. As a nature lover and artist I truly hope you are as inspired by these images as I was when I captured them. I feel that if I can inspire people to get back into nature and appreciate the amazing world in which we live, I have done my job. So please enjoy, and then turn off your computer and take a hike! Adventure is waiting just outside your door.”

MICHAEL JASON WILLIAMS is an award winning fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Michael’s journey has led him through a self-taught photography process. Learning early on from family and working in film and video production eventually led to producing print and digital media. He has photographed everything from surfing, actor portraits, events, products, and his images have found their way into magazines, books, and calendars. In the last several years Michael has “found his bliss” shifting his focus to exclusively shooting landscape and nature photography for fine art collectors. He is a Gold Medal IPC Winner, PPA member, Viewbug Curator, and proud contributor to the LAC+USC Healing Through Art Program. His love for the outdoors and dedication to environmental awareness has fueled him to collect a considerable portfolio of wilderness photographs, and the latest evolution of that work can be found in Sacred Waterfalls.
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