Fire In The Sky

Here are some images in development from this year’s faux “firefall” at Horsetail Fall in Yosemite.  The phenomenon occurs when certain natural elements are in play, including sufficient water flow, the dispersing of clouds to allow enough light through, and of course the right time.  The Horsetail only lights up at the end of February, just before sunset, when the sun is at the right angle.  There are several viewpoints from which you can witness this awesome spectacle.  I chose the upper clearing of the El Capitan Picnic Area.

Notice the different colors, and the way light plays here on the water, clouds and rocks, and its overall ambient nature .  These are in order, left to right, in time sequence with the sunset.  On the left, the sun is higher in the sky, lighting more of the mist and rocks.  As the sun sank lower we almost lost it behind the clouds, but it pierced through to illuminate the water perfectly.  The last image was made after the sun set, and most photographers were leaving.  It is a longer exposure and captured the magenta color cast left in the dimmer light.

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