Full Moon Expressions at Sacred Cove

Sacred Cove, on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is one of the best kept secrets in L.A. It’s hard to get to because there is absolutely no place to park, there’s a steep hike down to the beach. Oh, and if its high tide… there is no beach, only a trail along a rocky bay.  Was it worth the TWO parking tickets I got last night?  Absolutely.  I will be fighting those, however.  I mean really, city of L.A. Two? I swear you have to be a lawyer to figure out whether you can park in this city.

Parking drama aside, I felt like posting my favorites from last night’s shoot, something I don’t usually do, to see which ones you like best.  I will make the public’s favorite available for print because I honestly can’t choose which I like best right now.  I guess I’m still enchanted by the experience of being there. Feel free to leave a comment below, send an email, FB message, etc.  Thanks!



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  • HI Michael,
    I’m loving your photos!
    Sacred Cove is one of my favorite hiking places. You can park at Abalone Cove (have to pay and it might close at dusk?). Or Wayfarer’s Chapel parking lot, but that might close also. I usually hike down from Del Cerro Park, which is at the dead end of Crenshaw Blvd (past Crest Rd.) You have to know all the tricks about staying on trails and avoiding private property, though (which I learned from exploring and hiking with Sierra Club almost every Thursday night for over 10 years). I have a few FB albums of this area, most recently this past January. My camera is too cheap to take good photos, though. I still have to view your photos, but I hope you got shots of the seacave, and the channel on Inspiration Point, where low tide exposes some nice tidepools. Also Wayfarer’s Chapel – the glass church surrounded with redwoods, is beautiful to photograph.
    The whole side of ‘the hill’ from Del Cerro Park, has trails and many beautiful scenes, views, trees, and even peacocks roaming around. Although right now the grass is probably dead and everything is brown and dusty. Palos Verdes is where I decided that “Trail Closed” is meant for horses, not people. (except warnings for recent landslides which are a good idea to stay out of). Also nearby, in San Pedro, is the “Sunken City” – very interesting place! Awesome sunsets here too!

  • I like the first one, and the closeup of Inspiration Point. (I had to confirm subscription before viewing)

  • Wow!!!! Really exquisite work Michael! The 4th one is my favorite! Blows me away! The colors are so spectacular! But all of the others are amazing too!

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