Lake Hollywood

To some this is a place where dreams are made. To others, a place for exercise. For me, visiting Lake Hollywood and the Hollywood sign is coming home. My Grandmother walked my brother and I around this lake when we were kids, and it looks pretty much the same as it did then. After visiting with my 93 year old grandmother today, I thought I’d drive over the Barham bridge to visit this special spot. I couldn’t help but to think about stories from friends who claim they camped here in the 70’s, the countless celebrities who must have walked here over the years, and who I might have said hello to today on the path (you just never know in this town).
Regardless of who was there and why, it was a special sunset, one brushed by pink clouds and a light breeze to seemingly transport me like a dream to a time when I was younger. I’m grateful for walks like these. They are meditations. I’m also grateful that the rumored resident mountain lion didn’t pounce on me. Thanks for the warning, Chris! 😉


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