New Release, “Impending” Now Available in Print for Father’s Day

Impending, Yosemite Valley

“Impending” – Yosemite Valley

This panoramic image was made last week at the famous tunnel view in Yosemite. Light and shadow were at play big time, just before a rare summer snowstorm blew through. It was interesting to later drive by a controlled burn being implemented in the Wawona Pass by the fire department as silver dollar sized snowflakes and ash hit my windshield. It’s not every day that you see fire and ice together at the same time!

The title not only refers to the impending storm hanging overhead, just about to cover Half Dome in the distance, but has personal significance as well.  As I move through lingering grief from recent lost loved ones, nature seems to reflect my mood in this moment.  Life is full of dark and bright moments, and every shade in between, as we move through its peaks and valleys.  I believe the complexity of this scene can be interpreted differently by every viewer.  Some may see an impending storm, some may see the clouds clearing.  Isn’t life the same?  We can see the glass half full or half empty.  For me in this case, nature’s brighter light causes me to feel impending joy over the darkness of the past.

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Limited Edition sizes for this print: 8×17, 16×34, 28×60

Tech: Zeiss 85mm Planar T, 2 Image Stitch

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