Thank you to all the Sacred Waterfalls Contributors who made this project possible (If I have omitted a name, it was not intentional.  Please advise me of the correction):



June Williams


John & Paula Williams


Bob Williams



Michael Hancheck


Ron Hinther


Mike Quinn


Dina Richman

Mary Delehanty
MK Daniels
Todd Williams
Rena Coughlin
MK Daniels
Anne Eberle
Mark Gregory
Stafford Nelson
Caitlin Prennace 
Glenda Lockhart 
Caesar Chavez 
Jose Ramos 
Phillip Bird 
Marisa Dhanasene 
Martha Gailif 
Jeri Mercado 
Laurie Carpenter 
Nina Kraus
Raj Amin 
Linda Deacon 
Caitlin Shannon 
Jim Wing 
Dee Luloian 
Anne Ivers 
Avital Miller 
Sasha Shemet