Here’s a look at a few of my favorite California Waterfalls. The first three are of McWay Falls in Big Sur. While the waterfall isn’t huge, the setting makes this place like something from a dream. It is different every time I photograph it.

#4 is Eaton Canyon Falls in Altadena, just north of Pasadena. The hike to the falls is less than a mile. John Muir described the waterfall as “a charming little thing, with a low, sweet voice, singing like a bird, as it pours from a notch in a short ledge, some thirty or forty feet into a round mirror-pool.”

#5 is a pool in Kings Canyon, which is such a bright blue that you can’t miss it if driving on the main road.  I saw it from a distance, and had to pull over.  To get close to the pool, since it is in the middle of the river, I had to jump boulders by using my tripod as sort of a pole vault and perch myself over the river.  I wouldn’t recommend my method unless you’re willing to risk your equipment and probably get wet.

#6 Is an unknown photographer shooting Bridalveil Fall from the Yosemite Valley floor. This became the cover image for Inside Look Magazine’s July/Aug issue in 2010.


#7 Berry Falls, Santa Cruz Mountains

#8 Mt. Whitney

#9 San Antonia Falls, Mt Baldy

#10 Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

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MacArthur-Burney Falls

MacArthur-Burney Falls