Step Falls, Maine

Step Falls

While the  Step Falls Preserve has some enticing swimming holes, you should definitely exercise some caution around the faster sections and slippery rocks.  Otherwise, this is a really fun, easy hike for families and the trail is really beautiful as you walk over two miles along side the stream.

Excerpt from Sacred Waterfalls

Angel Falls, Maine

Angel Falls

Angel Falls
White Mountains

Height: 90 ft

I highly recommend searching out a local guide before visiting this fall.  While the hike isn’t too hard, half of it is unmarked.  Finding the trail head itself (also unmarked)  would have been impossible without GPS.  Cell service is questionable, and as luck would have it, I was there at sunset (good for photography, but only if you can find what you’re looking for).  If you photograph wilderness scenes long enough, this sort of situation becomes routine.  No light? No map? No signs? No phone?  Dead GPS?  Perfect!  That’s what intuition is for.

Racing against time to discover the falls before complete darkness, I instinctively turned down what looked like a logging road.  Something told me this was the place, although it was eerie being alone in an unfamiliar clear cut forest with no sign of life.  Into the forest now, following one trail head to the river without a way to cross.  Doing my best Bear Grylls impression, I doubled back, found the crossing, bouldered up the creek, and finally found it… with about 5 minutes of light to work with.

50 mm, 20 sec at f/22, ISO 64