Rhode Island

Stepstone Falls is proof that a waterfall doesn’t have to be big to be inspiring.  I had this gorgeous place to myself for as long as I was there.  It wasn’t too hard to find after a quick Google search, and after a drive down a long dirt road, you pull off to the side to find a trail along the cascade.

There are several interesting sections, but the curvature of this ledge captured my interest most of all, partly because of the thickness of the moss covering the entire stream.  I have never seen anything quite like it anywhere else.  I brushed the surface of the drier section in the foreground with my hand to remove some loose debris, and it felt like shag carpet.  I had an amazing meditation alongside the water, focusing on the sounds of rushing water, birds chirping in the trees, and a light breeze moving through the forest.

Stepstone Falls

Stepstone Falls, Forbes State Forest

Stepstone Falls Close Up

Stepstone Falls Close Up

To see the front side of Stepstone Falls, and my best shot of the day, get the Sacred Waterfalls book.

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