Saddle Peak Hike and Malibu Pier

Thanks, James Hickey, for getting me addicted to light painting.  I can’t stop! I set out tonight on a hike up Saddle Peak Road, and found views of the San Fernando Valley and Malibu as the sun was setting and the fog was rolling in. The other shots are of the Malibu Pier. I haven’t processed anything in black and white for a while, but it seemed appropriate for a couple of images. The one from under the pier (light painting on pillars) is the best for me. I like the way the frame is filled, and it’s sort of reminiscent of old Malibu. It reminds me of a scene from Big Wednesday.

Los Angeles Fog-8225.jpgMalibu Moon-8220.jpgWay South of the Blvd-8239.jpgMalibu Pier and Boat-8257.jpgMalibu Pier and Boat Black and White-8261.jpgMalibu Pier Black and white-8258.jpg

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