Thank You, Canadians

I was going through my archives and come across this image of Glacier National Park from last November. It was cold. Really cold.  I was standing on a steep snow covered hill overlooking the icy blue river bank, thinking, “If I fell in that water, I would be dead in minutes.” Hypothermia would turn me into something that looked like a White Walker from Game of Thrones.  My hands were frozen and my little finger was doing that thing where it doesn’t want to move and has two positions: fully extended, and completely closed. Nothing in the middle.

I got back to the car, and though I thought I was the only one around for the last hour, a nice Canadian couple appeared just up the road after finishing their evening walk (hearty, thick blooded Canadians). We exchanged friendly smiles, and then I did something stupid, I guess because my brain was frozen too; I managed to lock my keys in the car with the engine running, which you’re not supposed to be able to do, but hey I’m special.

I flagged down the couple just before they left, and with their guidance considered options.  Do we break the window?  Go for help and leave the car with the engine running?  I was concerned that someone would steal my car, which the Canadians thought was pretty darn funny.  “Where are you from?” they asked.  I quickly realized that I could drop the L.A. mindset and there weren’t any gangs nearby to hack my car up at the local chop shop.

So we left the car running, camera bag exposed in the front seat, heater running to drive half an hour down the icy highway to the ranger station.  Luckily at last light, we flagged down the last park employee who called the last on duty ranger, who was on the last minute of his shift.  He helped the last idiot of the day.  Like a pro, he put the squeezy bubbly thingy in my window and coat hangered my lock.  And he didn’t even complain that he was late for dinner.  He was actually happy to help!  Wow, I really wasn’t in L.A. anymore.

Thanks Canadians and awesome Park Ranger Guy. I owe you one!


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  • haha funny story! glad nothing bad happened! for future you can get one of those magnet boxes with extra key you stick somewhere on bottom of car in a hidden place 🙂 it saved me couple times 🙂

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