Los Angeles

Here are a few previews for my Los Angeles book project, releasing in 2018.  As I add photos to this collection, feel free to comment below and let me know which ones should make it into the book.  If you have any suggestions, the chapters will focus on Views, Historic Structures & Landmarks, Beaches, & Secret Spots.  All are available as prints.


Here are a few candidates for the Chinatown section of the book.

One Response to Los Angeles

  • Your images of Chinatown evoke such memories. I first went there as a kid of age 5….it has changed so much since then…The Ghosts of Chinatown struck a chord in me. All other images are so vibrant!

    and of course, Bejeweled Hollywood to DTLA is a favorite!

    Can’t wait to see the finalized book! Or volumes of the book!!

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