The Film

I’ve spent the last year traveling across America, photographing the most beautiful waterfalls in all 50 states.  This was truly an epic adventure, and one that has never been done before!

But this project is not just about the awesome beauty of water.  It’s about protecting the planet.  It’s about awareness.


Who’s picking up the tab?

In 2014 I ran a crowd funding campaign to acquire financing for the project and the public responded.

If you feel like you missed out, feel free to make a donation and I will add you to the contributors page! Contact me for current rewards status and availability.donate3[1]




Science & Environment

You may not know that there are new biological species being discovered all the time, and one recently discovered fish lives in waterfalls!  Unfortunately, water is being diverted from those waterfalls, subsequently interrupting the food chain.  We’ll learn more about the impact of man on nature and how dams, runoff tunnels, sewers, and depleted rainfall affect the areas we love so much.

At the rate we’re going, we may not have many natural places left to visit by the time our children grow up.  We need to create awareness now, in order to preserve wilderness and water quality on our planet.

Toxicity is not only what kills humans, it kills planets.  When waterfalls are flowing, they produce negative ions, which create higher serotonin levels in the brain, causing you to feel good.  The ions also cling onto dust and dirt particles, weighing them down to clean the air.  When water is diverted from a stream or river, the air becomes dirtier, and micro-climates suffer along the banks since mist oxygenates trees and plants along the river to help them grow.  Thus, small changes to landscapes, like over-tunneling on the island of Hawaii, cause rapid toxification, faster erosion, species extinction, ocean pollution, and poor water quality… and you thought waterfalls were just pretty to look at!

Promotion and Reach

The timing of this film couldn’t be any better for visibility’s sake, as it will be completed, have been submitted to film festivals, and then marketed in sync with the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks!  This is a huge event in our country’s history, and we’ll be cross promoting through interviews with park officials and researchers, spreading their science for people to make up their own minds about climate change and what can be done to create a healthy planet.

Sacred Waterfalls will also work in conjunction with the Restoration of Hetch Hetchy Valley, which is gaining huge traction in the news.  If you’re unfamiliar with this story, Hetch Hetchy Valley is a part of Yosemite National Park that was dammed up to bring water to San Francisco.  Why?  It was a cheaper solution than creating water containment in the surrounding area.  Big business won despite the efforts of many conservationists, but the tide is turning.  A plan is being made, which needs support, to restore Hetch Hetchy Valley to its original state.  We’ll discover through the film what impact this has on San Francisco and California in terms of water supply vs restoration.


Interviews and History


Native Americans and Polynesians

We’re setting up translators to interview Chumash, Navaho, Hawaiian, and other tribal elders to tell their legends of waterfalls.  These are amazing stories!  We’ll also ask them to comment on natural living, how to respect the land, and live in harmony with it.  We’ll also ask to film sacred ceremonies, and respectfully do so whenever we are allowed.


We’ll ask top researchers about climate change, it’s impact on water, and how animals and humans are being affected.  What can we do to make things better?  Is it too late?

Waterfall Lovers, Hikers and Backpackers, Nature Lovers

This is where you come in!  We want to know what everyday people think about water and nature and why they visit waterfalls.  I’ll be interviewing people on the road, but I want to hear from you too!

How can you be in the film?  Go to the Kickstarter Page and select the appropriate contribution level to ensure an actual spot in the film!  If you can’t afford to donate at that level, there is another way – sign up at the and post a video about why you love waterfalls.  If we like what we see, we’ll use your footage!  Space is of course limited though, and we’re giving priority to those who support the film through Kickstarter.



For most of the trip, I’ll be documenting alone, “Survivorman” style (It’s a show… Google it!).  I am already in a constant workflow of traveling in a minimalistic style, camping, backpacking, and shooting along the way.  I’ll be shooting the highest quality DSLR stills, and 1080p/4K video of each location I visit, posting updates along the way.

I’m also going to shoot some amazing drone footage, showing off the power of water as it plunges over the lip of a waterfall! (Drones are great because in some cases the only way to “get the shot” in the past was to rent a helicopter… not any more.  Check this video out to see what drone footage looks like: