Southwest Moments

A few months ago, I spent a couple of weeks in the southwestern states, and photographed five national parks. The editing process from the trip has been as overwhelming as the beauty that abounds in the region. Southern Utah, Moab, Page Arizona, and the Grand Canyon were just a few stops along the way, and these are some of my favorite moments from the trip.
Usually when I come home from a trip I’m eager to load everything up, delete the shots that didn’t work, save the ones that did, and select my favorites. The trouble with this trip is that every five minutes I was pulling the car over, because I had just discovered another amazing spot. You could spend a lifetime in Utah alone, and still never capture the beauty of the entire state. So while the editing continues from this trip, here are a few selections, not necessarily of my best shots, but the moments that made me feel most alive, most connected with the land and the native ancestors who nurtured it. I hope you feel the gravity of a few of these moments, possibly as I did while I was there, and perhaps as the native people did while they were still thriving.


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